Reasons to never ignore your trigger finger pain

Reasons to never ignore your trigger finger pain

Depending on where it occurs, the trigger finger is typically located on your dominant hand; ignoring your trigger finger pain may lead to increased symptoms, which could compromise your ability to perform simple daily tasks. Feeling discomfort and pain in the fingers and hands.

How Does Ignoring Pain Affect Me?

If you ignore trigger finger pain, you may suffer from one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Increasing disability caused by the condition, making everyday tasks more difficult
  • Finger and hand swelling increases hand discomfort and pain
  • The finger in this position remains permanently bent
  • It could eventually result in the rest of the fingers becoming curled or straight
  • Symptoms of swelling and another discomfort may increase
  • Difficulty in gripping, manipulating, or typing

Various treatments for the mild pain of trigger fingers

Over-the-counter pain relievers can relieve mild cases of trigger fingers. Additionally, you will want to stop any activities that cause this condition.

Performing repetitive and strong grasping and grasping activities must be avoided. It is advisable to avoid using vibration-producing handheld equipment. It is recommended that these activities be done with gloves that are thick or padded.

When you are unsure of the exact cause of the problem, your orthopedic doctor can identify the root cause. He or she can provide you with a treatment plan that is right for you. A sleeping splint may also be recommended by an orthopedist to help the tendon rest at night. You may also need to learn special hand exercises from a physical therapist to keep your fingers' mobility.

Symptoms of Trigger Finger Severe

For severe cases, the non-invasive methods highlighted above might not work. An outpatient procedure or another invasive treatment might be recommended by your doctor if you have a severe case of trigger finger pain and disability.

People with severe trigger fingers can benefit from steroid injections. A steroid medication will be injected directly into the tendon sheath or near to it during this treatment. As a result, the tendon will glide better during the injection and there will be less inflammation.

You may sometimes feel pain when you move your finger or hear it snap and pop. Trigger finger symptoms include these symptoms.

Despite your best efforts, trigger finger pain may not vanish on its own. It is possible to treat your pain effectively, as well as prevent your condition from becoming worse.


A tendon is a fibrous cord that connects muscle to bone. A protective sheath surrounds each tendon. Trigger fingers are caused by irritated and inflamed tendon sheaths on the affected finger. The tendon has difficulty gliding through the sheath because of this obstruction. It is possible for scarring, thickening, and the formation of nodules (bumps) in the tendon sheath to create even more resistance to tendon motion.

Factors of risk

Trigger finger can be caused by:

  • Gripping occurs repeatedly. You may develop a trigger finger if you perform repetitive hand movements or grip for extended periods of time.
  • Medical conditions. As a result of diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis, trigger fingers are more likely to appear.
  • Sexual orientation. Women are more likely to develop trigger fingers.
  • CTS surgery. During the first six months following surgery to treat carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger may be an issue.


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