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Obstetrics and Gynecology

Obstetrics Gynecology is dedicated to the health and well-being of women of all ages, whether outside of pregnancy, during gestation, or childbirth.

To this end, it brings together several disciplines including:

  • Gynecology, strictly speaking, is centered, among other things, on the diagnosis and management of affections of the reproductive system and the breast, as well as the detection of gynecological cancers. It also deals with sterility issues.
  • Obstetrics concerns the monitoring and development of pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Obstetrics and gynecology include many disciplines, all devoted to the health and well-being of women outside pregnancy or during pregnancy and childbirth. 
  • Gynecology-obstetrics includes many disciplines, all devoted to the health and well-being of women outside pregnancy (gynecology) or during pregnancy, and childbirth (obstetrics).
  • Gynecology is divided into several branches. Obstetrics is the monitoring of the course of pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Gynecology proper is intended to diagnose, and treat diseases of the reproductive system and the breast (uterus, ovarian, breast disease, and sexually transmitted diseases), screening for gynecological cancers by smears, and mammograms in collaboration with radiologists. It also includes the management of infertility treatment, birth control (contraception or abortion), and the treatment of menopausal disorders.
  • Senology is concerned with breast-related diseases and is a specialty that is a part of gynecology.
  • Pelviperineology is involved in the medical and surgical treatment of problems concerning the pelvis and perineum.
  • Gynecology corresponds to the branch of medicine devoted to disorders affecting the female reproductive system.
  • Gynecology is also concerned with the management of infections, cancers, hormonal disorders, contraception, and disorders due to menopause or female infertility, among others.
  • These entire medical and surgical specialties are practiced by a gynecologist.
  • The speculum is one of the fairly specific instruments used in gynecology, allowing the vagina to remain open for a better examination of the vagina and the cervix.
  • Common imaging techniques in medicine are also used, such as ultrasound, MRI, or scanner, to observe internal organs, for example, the uterus or fallopian tubes. The smear vaginal, carried out regularly, for detection of precancerous lesions.


At Horizon Hospital, We cater to professional counseling & care throughout pregnancy, childbirth & early parenthood. We also offer you with continuing support & information on all pregnancy and gynecology issues & questions, parenting, a choice for birth including natural birth, advice about breastfeeding, the care of new-born & family planning.



The first consultation with a gynecologist generally begins around the age of 15 to 16 years and continues throughout life, at the rate of one visit per year recommended.

In addition to this periodic recommendation, patients must receive appropriate care in the event of painful periods, kidney pain, pelvic pain, or menstrual irregularity.

Furthermore, adolescent girls are encouraged to consult before their first sexual intercourse.

Finally, the gynecologist is the contact par excellence in the context of pregnancy or during menopause.

Consulting a gynecologist does not require a first visit to the attending physician.

The first visit generally takes place during adolescence and for the implementation of contraception.

It is then recommended to carry out regular monitoring, once a year, and not to hesitate to consult during abnormal situations such as breast lump, abnormal bleeding, pelvic pain, menstrual irregularity, painful, or excessively heavy periods.

A pregnancy, fertility problem, or menopause, the gynecologist also remains the privileged contact for women.

Our team of Consultants in Obstetrics and Gynecology consists of experienced doctors providing the best and specialized care for women from puberty to menopause.

This round the clock availability of Consultants and resident doctors with modern, well-equipped labor rooms with perfect ambiance ensure correct and comprehensive care to mothers during and after delivery.


What follow-up is carried out by the supervisor?

Regular gynecological care is a sign of good health for women.

The gynecologist takes charge of contraception, screening for cervical cancer by the Pap smear, performed every three years, and breast cancer by mammography, with the help of a radiologist.

He also prescribes gynecological examinations, including check-ups.

The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Horizon Hospital comprises skilled gynecologists and surgeons who take care of their needs and offer advice and reassurance.

It is well equipped with an experienced Medical Team for Counselling & Management of High-Risk Pregnancies and Painless Labor.


How to choose your maternity?

Maternity is an associated service of gynecology.

To choose the maternity most suited to your needs and desires, it is better to find out before pregnancy.

Optimal security, personalized support for expectant mothers, cocooning, preparation for childbirth, and parenthood, medically assisted procreation (PAD), dad-friendly.

We recommend the Women to choose us for the best gynecology care and can also count on our physicians to provide personalized and compassionate life-long care in a friendly and nurturing environment.


What is the role of the gynecologist?

The gynecologist specializes in the female reproductive system, breasts, and other related conditions.

You must consult them when prescribing a method of contraception, monitoring pregnancy, and menopause.

At Horizon Hospital, our services include consultation, surgeries, customized gynecology checks that provide a wide range of one of the best healthcare services that meet the needs of women through all the stages.


How to prepare for a consultation?

  • Mammography, blood test, last smear. 
  • A daily shower is sufficient, and it is not advisable to use intimate toiletries before going to the appointment.


We offer the best care to women seeking gynecological help.

Our team-based approach includes you as a partner in care, healing, hope, and solutions to complex problems. 

At Horizon Hospital, the experts of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology work in multidisciplinary teams to develop the best-modified treatment plan for each person after a thorough evaluation the team includes physicians, surgeons, proceduralists, certified nurse midwives, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, sonographers, embryologists, and a dedicated nursing team.


What does a gynecologist treat?

The gynecologist takes care of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), menstrual problems, and screening for cancer in women. It is involved in the treatment of endometriosis, prolapse (organ descent), and symptoms related to menopause.

The gynecologist is a specialist in women's health. Depending on the reason for the consultation, he may be required to carry out several examinations:

  • a smear
  • vaginal touch
  • palpation of the breasts
  • an ultrasound
  • an amniocentesis

Clinical practices relating to medically assisted procreation. It is also present during childbirth, vaginally or by cesarean section.

We offer a full spectrum of women's health care services and best care for gynecology needs from the yearly checkup, prenatal care, and specialized obstetric care during pregnancy to postnatal care.


What are the risks during the consultation of a gynecologist?

The consultation with a gynecologist does not entail any particular risk for the patient. It is, in any case, the role of the doctor to clearly explain the modalities, the possible difficulties, or even the dangers associated with the gestures, examinations, and treatments that he will have to practice.

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