Horizon Multispeciality Hospital

About us

Horizon multi-specialty hospital driven by one desire ‘to offer the best health care services at most affordable prices’. We are passionate to remain on the top in providing the best healthcare by our finest Doctors, top-of-the-line technology and world-class infrastructure in central India. Horizon Hospital is in the caring mission to deliver quality, in time, precision and most of all at a price that is affordable because at Horizon we believe your health deserves the best.

How do we do that?

  • We bring in the best, highly trained and most experienced doctors in each department and all their supporting staff. That way we ensure that you get the best care.
  • We avoid frills and frivolous cosmetic expenditures and stay focused only on the core issue of patient care that saves a lot of overhead expenses which ensures that you get the best care at the best possible prices.


To offer the best quality healthcare at most affordable prices.


Creating a thriving ecosystem of best quality patient care, high level of employee satisfaction cooperative community contribution with sustainability.